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Over 30 years of experience in delivering tailor-made business services.

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We offer personalized services such as clients scouting, development and management of customer's portfolio, business internationalization, go-to digital, creation and development of digital brand equity, digital marketing, social media marketing, and analytic services, among others.

Here are some tools with which we could facilitate the achievement of your next business goal.

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  • Marketing consultancy by studying business strategies and tactics to be implemented

  • Editing of business plans

  • Business internationalization

  • Searching for new customers

  • Creation and management of customer portfolios

  • Logistics assistance

  • Assistance in the negotiation of credits

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  • Business digitalization

  • Design and creation of websites

  • Design and creation of e-shops

  • SEO & SEM

  • Audience research, planning, creating and publishing content

  • Media plans and performance goals

  • Marketing analytics and measurements

  • Strengthening of the digital brand equity

Case study: Prolam

Prolam is an Italian company that has been working with sheet metal for two generations, producing steel profiles and components.

Until recently, the company found satisfactory demand for its production on the domestic market, but aspiring to grow, it decided to rely on our collaboration to find new opportunities.

We therefore studied the solutions best suited to the reality from which we were starting and the customer's wishes by implementing the actions listed below.

Actions carried out

1. Website

Production of contents, translations, photoshoots, and videos for the company's new webpages


First, all the necessary material was created to obtain an online presentation of the company, its products, for communicating an immediate value to potential business customers.

To do this, content was created to reflect the company's image and potential, trying to be as specific and concise as possible.
A series of images were then taken and consequently edited for use on web pages, social media and printed catalogues.
Footage was taken of the production, its machinery and some of its products, which was later edited to have representative videos available for various uses.

Translations of the texts were therefore made from Italian, the company's mother tongue, into English in order to have an international outlook and into German, as the client's main objective was to expand into German-speaking markets.

The site was then made, including the creation of the pages, the fine-tuning of strategic keywords for search engines, the creation of all necessary profiles for B2B digital marketing, and the creation of the site's connections to
Google / Google search console / Google tag manager / Google Ads manager / Google Analytics / Bing / Bing webmaster tool / Microsoft advertising / Yandex console / Navex console / Linkedin / Linkedin campaign manager / Youtube / Youtube studio / Facebook / Instagram / Meta business suite / Tiktok / Twitter, as well as other.

The website can be viewed here:

2. Social networks

Production of institutional contents, translations, and design of the profiles

Accounts were then created and content for profiles on social networks most suitable for B2B promotion.

3. Leaflet

Production of contents, translations, page layout and printing

Due to the nature of the business, which involves face-to-face meetings with managers and technicians at their premises and in the company, a leaflet in the same style as the website was produced, to be left at meetings and, if necessary, to be sent by e-mail in pdf format.

4. New customer scouting

Identification of customer personas

Creation of databases

Having identified the customer personas for our client's products and agreed on the regions to focus on initially, a database of companies was created and their contact details collected.

5. Digital approach

Initial investments in digital brand equity (SEM)

Advertising campaigns were carried out on the most suitable social media for B2B, using the option to bring ads to the attention of decision-makers of companies in the sectors of interest, located in the chosen regions.

6. Contacting companies

Phone calls and emails

Once the companies potentially most interested in our client's production had been identified through the scouting carried out, telephone calls were made to reach the decision-makers for the products and consequently emails were sent out introducing our client.

7. Online CRM creation

Customer's clients management

In order to share and keep the customer updated on the business developments of its new customers and the continuous expansion of its portfolio, a shared online CRM was created.

8. Meetings

Business development

Eventually, a series of face-to-face meetings with client's customer has been carried out, either at their premises or visiting production, leading to new collaborations for our customer, achieving the intended objective.

The operations put in place produced excellent results, enabling Prolam to start supplying some of the most important European multinationals in the sector.

With so many ways to grow a business today, we can ensure that we are dedicated at all times to using our skills and options to best meet the needs and goals of our customers.

Give us the chance to show you how our dedication manifests itself in everything we do:

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