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a series of ad personam business services offered by NextNRG.

Achieving the client's goals through our skills and determination is the common denominator of all our services.


NextNRG is a company founded in Slovakia in 2009 by Stefano Pellegrini.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in international trade, since 2017 NextNRG has been offering marketing services under the brand name Danumarket, re-branded Danumarketing after expanding to digital marketing services in 2022.

We would like to emphasize that although we are based in Slovakia, we are well-organized to provide our services to companies throughout Europe.


(NextNRG’s founder)

Indulging his passion for travelling and socializing, he started in sales at a very young age, creating and managing a portfolio of customers for his family's business, a building materials and timber shop in Siena, Italy.

Highlights of his career:

1991 – In the natural development of events, he began his experiences in international markets, signing representations for the Italian market of US and Scandinavian timber productions.

1995 – Starts an activity dedicated to the internationalization of Italian SMEs, also acting as a seconded export department for some of them.

1998 – Establishes a Brazilian joint venture to act as a bridgehead for the import and distribution of Italian customers' products in South America. He then moved to São Paulo to manage this new venture.

2001 – He left the management of the Brazilian company and returned to commercial services, focusing mainly on the Chinese market.

2006 – Starts a new project based on LED lighting, opening a company in Slovakia in 2009, given the logistically strategic location in the heart of Europe.

2017 – Return to offering commercial services to companies under the Danumarket brand.

2022 – Decision to expand the range of business services including digital services and brand changing in Danumarketing.

Some of the companies we thank for their trust

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